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This month I have had the pleasure to have been invited to deliver an hour-long presentation on my photography to Shimna Camera Club, in Newcastle County Down. I have to say although I have delivered Photography workshops and individual one to one workshops to over 700 students this was the first time that I spoke about ‘Me’ in front a room of Photographers, and I have to say I loved it and not in an egotistical way, but because I got to share my thoughts on why we as photographer should shoot for ourselves and not to worry about the likes, the shares, the pats on the back, I got to share my inner thoughts on what Photography means to me and why I LOVE what I do and hopefully encourage those listening to get more from their photography and love it regardless of what others feel about their images.

The response from those attending was brilliant (see testimonial below), they were such a lovely group of photographers and club it was a pleasure to have met them and speak for them and I would highly recommend them as a club for anyone to join.

During my presentation, I spoke about my past and how I got into photography. I covered my Press Photography, Street Photography, Social Documentary and also my Photography workshops and YouTube channel Rambles with My Camera.

©Sean Allen
©Sean Allen
©Sean Allen

I discussed the legalities of Photography in relationship to the Law, and also copyright and my thoughts on the transition of photography from film to digital and where I see it going.

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©Sean Allen


©Sean Allen
©Sean Allen
©Sean Allen

I would like to thank John Williams and Shimna Camera Club for the invite it will be one of the highlights of f my year, thank you all ♥

Please read the testimonial below to get a gauge of how my presentation went, and If you would like me to speak at your club or institution please feel free to contact me here


Testimonial from John Williams – Shimna Camera club

Recently, we were pleased to welcome Belfast photographer, Sean Allen, to give the Shimna Camera Club a talk on various aspects of his life and career as a documentary, press and street photographer.

Sean gave us an inside view of what it meant to be a photographer during some of the most dangerous and yet, the fascinating recent history of Belfast during the Troubles. He gave a bit of background to almost every photo that he showed to us and this helped to give depth to the shot. Some interesting stories that are not usually heard.

This is not the account of a photographer who came into an area, shot a few rolls of film and walked away again. He has made a connection to many of the subjects in the photographs has an obvious empathy with them now, even now, as adults. One of the things that I found sad and disturbing during part of his talk was the fact many people who had recognised faces in his photos of young people, had asked for copies after seeing them on Sean’s Facebook page. Unfortunately, many, as Sean delicately put it, had passed over by their own hand.

This was not a talk about attaining the perfect portrait or about a landscape shoot in Iceland. Sean lives and breathes for photography and it shows in his enthusiasm as he talks about his favourite subject. His enthusiasm is infectious. If you are a ‘pixel peeper’, you may well be disappointed.

Some of the shots are technically, less than perfect. But he got the photograph! When you are dodging bullets and bricks, there’s not the same opportunity to fine tune your ISO setting. He then talked about his more recent work concerning street photography. He has an obvious rapport with his subjects and it shows in the results.

He seems to have the ability to lift his camera and compose an interesting photograph instinctively. We found it a thoroughly enjoyable talk and would recommend him as a speaker to any interested group.

John Williams – Shimna Camera Club

November 2018

Here is a video interview I gave to Sheena Bleakney where I talk about my photography 




So who is Sean Allen? – Interview by Sheena Bleakney

Here is a  video interview from my YouTube channel Rambles With My Camera that I took part in where I talk about my life and my background and the various stages of my photography journey where from when I started it in 1980’s and where I am now and where I am going.

I want to thank Sheena for the interview and I hope it gives you a glimpse into who is behind the camera ♥ Sean